martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

Wich Place In London Is More Interesting? Why?

When I was looking the websites of the attractions of London, one of the places that most called my attention was the Kew Gardens. It seems a beautiful park, with lots of places to visit (buildings, lakes, a walk through the treetops, etc. ) and a big garden to travel in.

Another reason is that the entrance fee is not so expensive, compared with the other fees. I also really like the trees and green places, so, to me being in a giant garden would be really good, funny, entertaining, interesting and relaxing.

And this is the end, my only friend, the end.

martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

Hide And Seek

When I was a child, my favourite game was "las escondidas" because I always felt that hiding, running and finding was like an experince, the game is really entertaining and exciting and is really simple. One guy/girl counts to a determinated number while the others run away to hide themselves, and when the counting one ends, he/she stars a "hunt" for the boys/girls who were hiding; and when he/she finds one of them, then starts a race to the place where the counting took place, and if the first one that reaches that place is the counting one, the other person is caught; but if it is the hidding person who reaches that place, he/she is free.

The most fun part of the game was, obviously, hiding and being hidden of the people who was finding, waiting patiently the moment for running and being free or to continue in camouflaging with the shadows, escaping and avoiding the catch and the shame of being captured.

I don't remember who really taugh me that game, maybe it was when I was 4, 5 or 6 years old (maybe more?). I’m sure that I can say that I played this game a lot, specially in my primary school days, because my school has "lots" of secret places to hide. I still have the image of me with my uniform being hidden in a corner, looking through a window, waiting for the moment to run and free myself.

The last year, during a lunch-break in a 'Conservation of soils' field trip to the locality of San Pedro de Melipilla, me and some classmates played this game, the place where we were was ideal for playing "las escondidas", there were a small riverbed, grasslands, scattered trees, more dense forests, roads and other elements. We played few games, but it was good, in one of them I hide myself behind a big bush, other in the riverbed and other behind some classmates, jojo.

Hide and seek is a really good game, I think. You feel like a wild animal, hidind and finding, and the other person is the innocent prey, who unwarily is surprised by being caught or seeing you being free.

A cat hiding, as we in the game

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

The Greatest Chilean

Writing about the greatest chilean of all times is a littlle difficult to me. Mainly ‘cause I don’t know too much of our history or the life of important people. I’m thinking now in Gabriela Mistral, pablo Neruda and Alberto Hurtado. But I’m gonna talk of Condorito, one of the most important chileans during my child days.
Some years ago, I was a big fan of Condorito, I was always buying ‘his’ magazines (news and used) and there was a moment when I had more than 100 condoritos. But now, I don’t have any because I gave them to a cousin of mine.

Condorito was born in the sixties (or fifties, I don’t remember) by the draws of Pepo, his creator. His shape of a condor comes from the idea of Pepo of making a character that represents something typical from Chile. A condor is an animal of the Andes, that flies freely troguh the mountains.

Condorito has made lots of things in his stories, but he most important deed he has done is that he represents the life of a common person in a comical way. He traveled ‘round the world, he was a pilot, firefighter, angel, policeman, beggar, medic, football player, vampire, priest, nothing, sailor, waiter, artist, teacher, etc. etc. etc. Maybe he is the image of a typical chilean, with the most common activities, works and “andventures”. To me, the elements that most characterizes Condorito are his craftiness and witness.

The main question that I will ask to Condorito is how he felt the death of Pepo at the begginig of the new century. I think that the death of his creator marks a before and an after in his stories and life. And I will ask him “Condorito, how do you feel this change?”

martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

An Ideal Job

My ideal job would be one in what I can travel and know a lot of places, specially natural ones. I’m thinking that the geography could help me a bit to do that.

Since lots of years ago I thought that my ideal job must be one that can allow me to travel and be outside, in the fields, in the mountains, in the sea, and not in a boring office nor in a city feeling the horrible confinement or the ugly urban world. So, maybe only being a geographer would be ideal to me, or an explorer, or a photographer, but always in natural places, enjoying the flora and the fauna, hearing the birds.

I think that I can ejoy this because I like to be traveling and being outside, knowing and visiting other places, exploring the landscapes, looking the landforms, the animals, etc. Living of traveling may be entertaining.

This job would be satisfying in a more personal way I think, because the experiences in the outside and in the nature would be felt by me. But if doing that I can help with my grain of sand to solve some problems all be welcome.

I don’t know anybody who do this kind of job. Or maybe yes? Surely I know some people who travel (geographers above all), but I don’t have the information if they are really enjoying waht they’re doing or exploring the landscapes in the way that I want to. Or maybe I’m just writting to complete the 250 words required by Simon, jojoj.

martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

A Talk With A Famous One

There are lots of famous people that could be interesting to meet, and my mind is thinking in many persons now and I really can’t decide. But I’m obligued to, so, I think that would be interesting to have a talk with Quino (the creator of Mafalda).

If you don’t know (Simon) Mafalda is a character of comic strips released weekly between the years 1970 and 1980 in Argentina (and in many countries too). In these stories Quino, his creator, showed some problems that the world was confronting in that epoch (for example, the Vietnam’s War) through the eyes (or words) of his characters, that were mostly childs, so his stories always have an innocent way or something that make them funny.

I have now in my home a book called “Toda Mafalda”, who have ALL the strips created by Quino, and they were amazing. I like the characters that he created and how he shows the life of a typical middle-class family, with a child who worries a lot by the world’s present and future.

If I can talk with Quino in the present days, I would talk with him about lots of things, not specially related with the stories he told, but mainly about how he can managed to show the common life in a comic strip. Lots of years ago I liked to write and draw histories with my own characters, and Quino and Mafalda were one of my “inspirations”.

I would ask him how he feels (now) his characters and and how was his legacy (if there it is a legacy). Also, if he feels that his characters are representatives of today and in what way.

Maybe I admire Quino, he managed to be for ten years, week to week, drawing his creations and making the stories of Mafalda. Is interesting to see the political and social background of that character, with her critical and childish vision, she was constantly showing and expressing the problems of the world (all pointed that Mafalda, when she grew, would be a punk), but also there are the daily “adventures” of a common family (perhaps it would be more interesting to talk with Mafalda rather than Quino).

Here is an example of the vision of Quino, in the words of his child character.

martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

Where Have All The Good Times Gone?

A perfect day certainly wouldn’t be in an English class with Simon.

No, just kidding. Don't give me a low grade!

I just don’t know what would really be a perfect day, it may be a day full of good news, or a day in what I can spend all my time only in the things what I want, or with the people I want, or simply a simple -relaxing- day, or day in an awesome place, or...

Well, a perfect day must begin with a delicious breakfast in a good place, may be in my own house, or on vacations, or on work in another place, in the south, in the north. Then, there it must be neccesary the people with whom I want to be, friends, family. A perfect day would require a good walk, visit or journey to place of my interest, and is not really neccesary a marvelous building or an incredible landscape to be perfect, it could be a simple place where I cand spend a good, funny moment.

In a perfect day I would do many things, depending on what I want to do to have a perfect moment, could be a walk, a talk, a food, a view, etc. The actions that I do may be a part of the whole day.

And now, I’m thinking if I would have a perfect, or nearly a day that can be like, and there are some days that would may be really near perfect. I’m saying nearly ‘cause all the days have a moment that can complicate it, but fixing any problem could do the day even more perfect.

For example, I’m thinking about my last summer vacations, when I went with my family to the south and visited Nahuelbuta National Park, that is the most wonderlful place I’ve ever been. And in another day we visited the Lota’s park and the Chiflón del Daiblo coal mine, an incredibly strange place too. Those where good days.

martes, 5 de octubre de 2010


“Where I can go?“

If you are a outsider and you want to know the touristic side of Santiago, first, you should not go to nearly two thirds of the city, because the ”the real Santiago“ is not really an incredible place to visit. Unless you want to enjoy smog, pollution and traffic jams.

But the ugliness of the capital city is wonderfully disguised for the tourists (who have money), so, they don´t need to stand the bad things, only enjoying their lives in a dreamy place.

You, as a tourist, could visit all the natural landscapes that surrounds the city. If you like trekking you can go to the ‘Cajón del Maipo’, and enjoy the nature, the mountain, the rivers, the flora and fauna and the clean air (a really important element if you tour Santiasco). Another possibility is going to the Mapocho’s high basin, to the ski centers (hey, lots of money needed, and snow/winter too).

If you´re a more urban guy/girl, you can go to many different places in the city prepared special for you. There are famous pubs and bars streets at the Suecia and Bellavista Quarter. Now, if you preffer a more daily activity that doesn’t neccesarily implies alcohol, you can visit the historic center of the city, where are lots of interesting places and historic buildings, the ‘Palacio Cousiño’, the ‘Plaza de Armas’, the ‘Barrio Lastarria’, the ‘Mercado Central’, the hills ‘Santa Lucia’ and ‘San Cristóbal’, the parks ‘O’Higgins’, ‘Forestal’ and ‘Los Reyes’, etc. etc. etc. etc.

The Top Five Of Santiago De Chile!

- Parks (Santa Lucía, San Cristóbal, O’Higgins and other greeny places). Santiago features some beautiful green places with biodiversity, grass and trees, where you can go to have a good time on the outside, riding in bicycle, walking, and other outdoor activities. Don’t wait more and let’s go to enjoy the few parks that the city have!

- Pubs and Bars (La Piojera, Bellavista, Lastarria, Suecia). Because the people who came to Santiago to dance all the night, take drinks and live the culture have their spaces. Also you can go to taste food too.

- Museums (MIM, Bellas Artes, Palacio Cousiño, La Chascona and the Quinta Normal museums – Ferroviario, Historia Natural, Ciencias). If you travel all the way to feed your brain and culture having a funny moment, stop wasting your time and take a ride to these museums. There are lots of choices, let your hunger for knowledge to decice!

- The Historic City. Because Santiago is not only made of present, but past too. There are lots of interesting places that can tell you the things that time doesn’t allow us to forget. The ‘Plaza de Armas’, the ‘Estadio Nacional’, the ‘Concha y Toro and Yungay Quarter’ and obviously, more places and buildings too, but you have to discover them by yourself!

And that’s it. Let’s forget your life and have a brand new one in Santiago!!