martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

Hide And Seek

When I was a child, my favourite game was "las escondidas" because I always felt that hiding, running and finding was like an experince, the game is really entertaining and exciting and is really simple. One guy/girl counts to a determinated number while the others run away to hide themselves, and when the counting one ends, he/she stars a "hunt" for the boys/girls who were hiding; and when he/she finds one of them, then starts a race to the place where the counting took place, and if the first one that reaches that place is the counting one, the other person is caught; but if it is the hidding person who reaches that place, he/she is free.

The most fun part of the game was, obviously, hiding and being hidden of the people who was finding, waiting patiently the moment for running and being free or to continue in camouflaging with the shadows, escaping and avoiding the catch and the shame of being captured.

I don't remember who really taugh me that game, maybe it was when I was 4, 5 or 6 years old (maybe more?). I’m sure that I can say that I played this game a lot, specially in my primary school days, because my school has "lots" of secret places to hide. I still have the image of me with my uniform being hidden in a corner, looking through a window, waiting for the moment to run and free myself.

The last year, during a lunch-break in a 'Conservation of soils' field trip to the locality of San Pedro de Melipilla, me and some classmates played this game, the place where we were was ideal for playing "las escondidas", there were a small riverbed, grasslands, scattered trees, more dense forests, roads and other elements. We played few games, but it was good, in one of them I hide myself behind a big bush, other in the riverbed and other behind some classmates, jojo.

Hide and seek is a really good game, I think. You feel like a wild animal, hidind and finding, and the other person is the innocent prey, who unwarily is surprised by being caught or seeing you being free.

A cat hiding, as we in the game

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