martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

The Greatest Chilean

Writing about the greatest chilean of all times is a littlle difficult to me. Mainly ‘cause I don’t know too much of our history or the life of important people. I’m thinking now in Gabriela Mistral, pablo Neruda and Alberto Hurtado. But I’m gonna talk of Condorito, one of the most important chileans during my child days.
Some years ago, I was a big fan of Condorito, I was always buying ‘his’ magazines (news and used) and there was a moment when I had more than 100 condoritos. But now, I don’t have any because I gave them to a cousin of mine.

Condorito was born in the sixties (or fifties, I don’t remember) by the draws of Pepo, his creator. His shape of a condor comes from the idea of Pepo of making a character that represents something typical from Chile. A condor is an animal of the Andes, that flies freely troguh the mountains.

Condorito has made lots of things in his stories, but he most important deed he has done is that he represents the life of a common person in a comical way. He traveled ‘round the world, he was a pilot, firefighter, angel, policeman, beggar, medic, football player, vampire, priest, nothing, sailor, waiter, artist, teacher, etc. etc. etc. Maybe he is the image of a typical chilean, with the most common activities, works and “andventures”. To me, the elements that most characterizes Condorito are his craftiness and witness.

The main question that I will ask to Condorito is how he felt the death of Pepo at the begginig of the new century. I think that the death of his creator marks a before and an after in his stories and life. And I will ask him “Condorito, how do you feel this change?”

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