martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

Where Have All The Good Times Gone?

A perfect day certainly wouldn’t be in an English class with Simon.

No, just kidding. Don't give me a low grade!

I just don’t know what would really be a perfect day, it may be a day full of good news, or a day in what I can spend all my time only in the things what I want, or with the people I want, or simply a simple -relaxing- day, or day in an awesome place, or...

Well, a perfect day must begin with a delicious breakfast in a good place, may be in my own house, or on vacations, or on work in another place, in the south, in the north. Then, there it must be neccesary the people with whom I want to be, friends, family. A perfect day would require a good walk, visit or journey to place of my interest, and is not really neccesary a marvelous building or an incredible landscape to be perfect, it could be a simple place where I cand spend a good, funny moment.

In a perfect day I would do many things, depending on what I want to do to have a perfect moment, could be a walk, a talk, a food, a view, etc. The actions that I do may be a part of the whole day.

And now, I’m thinking if I would have a perfect, or nearly a day that can be like, and there are some days that would may be really near perfect. I’m saying nearly ‘cause all the days have a moment that can complicate it, but fixing any problem could do the day even more perfect.

For example, I’m thinking about my last summer vacations, when I went with my family to the south and visited Nahuelbuta National Park, that is the most wonderlful place I’ve ever been. And in another day we visited the Lota’s park and the Chiflón del Daiblo coal mine, an incredibly strange place too. Those where good days.

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  1. your perfect day will be back in time and save to john lennon, and give a kick ass to the ex murder. Juajauajuajuajuajuaja