martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

A Talk With A Famous One

There are lots of famous people that could be interesting to meet, and my mind is thinking in many persons now and I really can’t decide. But I’m obligued to, so, I think that would be interesting to have a talk with Quino (the creator of Mafalda).

If you don’t know (Simon) Mafalda is a character of comic strips released weekly between the years 1970 and 1980 in Argentina (and in many countries too). In these stories Quino, his creator, showed some problems that the world was confronting in that epoch (for example, the Vietnam’s War) through the eyes (or words) of his characters, that were mostly childs, so his stories always have an innocent way or something that make them funny.

I have now in my home a book called “Toda Mafalda”, who have ALL the strips created by Quino, and they were amazing. I like the characters that he created and how he shows the life of a typical middle-class family, with a child who worries a lot by the world’s present and future.

If I can talk with Quino in the present days, I would talk with him about lots of things, not specially related with the stories he told, but mainly about how he can managed to show the common life in a comic strip. Lots of years ago I liked to write and draw histories with my own characters, and Quino and Mafalda were one of my “inspirations”.

I would ask him how he feels (now) his characters and and how was his legacy (if there it is a legacy). Also, if he feels that his characters are representatives of today and in what way.

Maybe I admire Quino, he managed to be for ten years, week to week, drawing his creations and making the stories of Mafalda. Is interesting to see the political and social background of that character, with her critical and childish vision, she was constantly showing and expressing the problems of the world (all pointed that Mafalda, when she grew, would be a punk), but also there are the daily “adventures” of a common family (perhaps it would be more interesting to talk with Mafalda rather than Quino).

Here is an example of the vision of Quino, in the words of his child character.

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