martes, 5 de octubre de 2010


“Where I can go?“

If you are a outsider and you want to know the touristic side of Santiago, first, you should not go to nearly two thirds of the city, because the ”the real Santiago“ is not really an incredible place to visit. Unless you want to enjoy smog, pollution and traffic jams.

But the ugliness of the capital city is wonderfully disguised for the tourists (who have money), so, they don´t need to stand the bad things, only enjoying their lives in a dreamy place.

You, as a tourist, could visit all the natural landscapes that surrounds the city. If you like trekking you can go to the ‘Cajón del Maipo’, and enjoy the nature, the mountain, the rivers, the flora and fauna and the clean air (a really important element if you tour Santiasco). Another possibility is going to the Mapocho’s high basin, to the ski centers (hey, lots of money needed, and snow/winter too).

If you´re a more urban guy/girl, you can go to many different places in the city prepared special for you. There are famous pubs and bars streets at the Suecia and Bellavista Quarter. Now, if you preffer a more daily activity that doesn’t neccesarily implies alcohol, you can visit the historic center of the city, where are lots of interesting places and historic buildings, the ‘Palacio Cousiño’, the ‘Plaza de Armas’, the ‘Barrio Lastarria’, the ‘Mercado Central’, the hills ‘Santa Lucia’ and ‘San Cristóbal’, the parks ‘O’Higgins’, ‘Forestal’ and ‘Los Reyes’, etc. etc. etc. etc.

The Top Five Of Santiago De Chile!

- Parks (Santa Lucía, San Cristóbal, O’Higgins and other greeny places). Santiago features some beautiful green places with biodiversity, grass and trees, where you can go to have a good time on the outside, riding in bicycle, walking, and other outdoor activities. Don’t wait more and let’s go to enjoy the few parks that the city have!

- Pubs and Bars (La Piojera, Bellavista, Lastarria, Suecia). Because the people who came to Santiago to dance all the night, take drinks and live the culture have their spaces. Also you can go to taste food too.

- Museums (MIM, Bellas Artes, Palacio Cousiño, La Chascona and the Quinta Normal museums – Ferroviario, Historia Natural, Ciencias). If you travel all the way to feed your brain and culture having a funny moment, stop wasting your time and take a ride to these museums. There are lots of choices, let your hunger for knowledge to decice!

- The Historic City. Because Santiago is not only made of present, but past too. There are lots of interesting places that can tell you the things that time doesn’t allow us to forget. The ‘Plaza de Armas’, the ‘Estadio Nacional’, the ‘Concha y Toro and Yungay Quarter’ and obviously, more places and buildings too, but you have to discover them by yourself!

And that’s it. Let’s forget your life and have a brand new one in Santiago!!

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  1. JAJAJA, Good tittle!!

    But Santiago is funnier than Rancagua

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  3. i love it santiago, can be more interesting that you think