martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

An Ideal Job

My ideal job would be one in what I can travel and know a lot of places, specially natural ones. I’m thinking that the geography could help me a bit to do that.

Since lots of years ago I thought that my ideal job must be one that can allow me to travel and be outside, in the fields, in the mountains, in the sea, and not in a boring office nor in a city feeling the horrible confinement or the ugly urban world. So, maybe only being a geographer would be ideal to me, or an explorer, or a photographer, but always in natural places, enjoying the flora and the fauna, hearing the birds.

I think that I can ejoy this because I like to be traveling and being outside, knowing and visiting other places, exploring the landscapes, looking the landforms, the animals, etc. Living of traveling may be entertaining.

This job would be satisfying in a more personal way I think, because the experiences in the outside and in the nature would be felt by me. But if doing that I can help with my grain of sand to solve some problems all be welcome.

I don’t know anybody who do this kind of job. Or maybe yes? Surely I know some people who travel (geographers above all), but I don’t have the information if they are really enjoying waht they’re doing or exploring the landscapes in the way that I want to. Or maybe I’m just writting to complete the 250 words required by Simon, jojoj.

4 comentarios:

  1. be a geographer is part of the dream to be a traveler jajajaj

  2. Very good David, mission acomplished. 259 words!

  3. Daivid chicken!!

    if you want to travel, should try to study geology. I say it because we will have got bit money.

    jajaja, noo! is lie.

  4. I think many of our classmates chose to study Geography for the same reason as you. I'm one of those.